There I Fixed it!

Those who don’t already know about the Failblog and all of its subsidiaries should have a look and indulge in some mindless schadenfreude. My favorite branch of the blog is There I Fixed It. And after having twisted my ankle, tripped, nearly fallen into a pothole, rerouted my trip to the cafe by a whole block, and fantasized about starting an abandoned brick collection… I’m ready to nominate Mexico City for patron city of “there, I fixed it.”

The inefficiency of work here, especially infrastructure work, boggles the mind. Pass by any construction site and you’ll likely see 6 men: 1 or 2 doing the actual work at hand, and the rest just standing there…

Ask the average jaded resident and they’ll say that it’s not only inefficient on the worker level: the government is so corrupt that they create useless projects such as resurfacing a street corner and never finish them precisely because they need to a) spend a budget but want to b) leave a mess for the next administration (of the opposing party). Just the other day we spotted 5 men at a building on the corner removing plaster from the brick exterior. Why? It didn’t seem to need it, and yet there they were, hard at work.



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