Punch Buggy!

Traveling around the vicinity of Mexico City, Charlotte and I noticed something about the automotive landscape that we weren’t expecting.

Mexicans are enamored with Volkswagen Beetles. At first we thought it was a style trend specific to Valle de Bravo where the Mexico City middle class go to spend resort-y weekends, but after driving (and asking) around, we realized it was more than that. Yes, partially the Beetle is a functional, compact car, uniquely suited to navigate the hills and speed bumps of the highlands of Mexico State, but beyond that, why do they all look like the old-school model? Why are there no New Beetles from the early 2000s? Well, leave it to Wikipedia to illuminate that in the 50s, Germany exported a handful of Beetles to Mexico, and thenceforth the latter has been producing its own with a passion. German propaganda (as Noah would put it)? A pregnant Mexican market? Or both?

Here’s as many mugshots as we could compile in the space of a week, from Valle de Bravo, Taxco, and Cuernavaca.



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