101 Ways To Subvert The Ground

My friend Chat Travieso recently published a book called 101 Ways To Subvert A Wall. It is what the title says. 101 fun drawings describing how a wall can be crossed, climbed, overcome, or made into something else.

Walking the streets of Mexico City is a chore. Because of the crowds, the lack of a traffic light green wave, aggressive automobiles, puddles, cracks, and construction, you cannot take your eye off the ground at any moment, lest you trip and fall. There are no casual, daydreamy strolls along the avenue. Paris’ flaneur could never exist in Mexico City.

I propose Part II to Chat’s book, called 101 Ways To Subvert The Ground. It will contain 101 ways that the ground is disturbed in this city. Are they proposals? Are they documentation of poor infrastructure? Yes, and yes. The book can be both a poke at the state of Mexico City’s streets, and also a more general look at how our concept of “the ground” is necessarily simplified and necessarily limited.



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