Well, Charlotte finally ate fish in this city. She thought she never would. Ceviche at Cabrera 7. These two photos are 12 hours apart. I’m just kidding, just flexing my montage muscles. The biggest thing incapacitating Charlotte is the alcohol. -V Advertisements

X, Ex, o Equis

Náhuatl, the lingua franca (how ridiculous does that term sound in this context?) of the Aztec Empire, has left its mark on the world, even on us gringos. Avocado, tomato, coyote, chocolate, chili, all of those words are vestiges of Náhuatl. This is what it sounds like. Even more noticeable are the numerous place names that have […]


In a city like New York, and in a country like the United States, it is very important to delineate property. This land is my land, that land is your land. What started as a tenet of capitalism and the new world order in the Enlightenment has now evolved into a hardline method of real […]